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Creation-Designs can meet all your Pre-press Publishing Needs:

Ad Design • Letterheads • Business Cards
Price Sheets • Catalogs • Brochures
Magazine and Book Layout • Label and Packaging Design

Are you engaging in a self publishing project with a print-on-demand service or preparing a manuscript for a print publisher? Do you need assistance with the many tasks necessary to prepare your manuscript for print?

Page Design and Layout?
Table of Contents?
Image Preparations?
Cover Design?
Delivery to an electronic publisher?

As an editor and publisher of Sojourn and Grace Millennium magazine for over five years and as a calligrapher, desktop publisher and web designer, I am experienced in preparing manuscripts for e-books, print-on-demand and other copy ready publishing houses. I can streamline the process of making your book  ready for publication and even creating your own website to enhance its marketing.

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Two Hearts Four Hands
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Books can be advertised and sold from your own web page as well as sold by your print on demand publisher.

Working with Jerri-Jo Idarius was always a pleasure from start to finish. Though we never met face to face, it was clear from the first moment of telephone contact that JJ was easy to speak to and clear in her communication. During the many months of our association I found her to be consistently a person who kept her word. She was prompt in responding to any phone or email contact and timely under deadlines. Her attitude is probably the best part of JJ. She is positive and finds that perspective in every situation, even when frustrations and things beyond our control run high. JJ has a sense of perfectionism and attention to detail that is crucial in this business. I can't recommend her highly enough, and would gladly work with her again any time.

Laura Fine,
author, "Laura's New Heart"

Jerri-Jo Idarius • Creation Designs
Willits, California
Phone and Fax: 707-459-0241


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